Monday, December 30, 2013

Sholay 3D: On its way!

 Yes, we have heard it right, seen it right. The posters are out in the newspapers, TV promos are doing the rounds and multiplexes are flashing cardboard cut outs. Sholay 3D is certainly galloping its way to Pune theatres on January 3rd 2014. What about your city?  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sholay 3D: Cleared for Release

As on December 3rd 2013, the Bombay High Court discarded Ramesh Sippy's application for putting a hold on the release of Sholay 3D. Interestingly, the Sholay director sought the stay on the 3D version that has been incidentally produced by Sascha Sippy, his nephew. 

Ramesh Sippy's filed the appeal after the April 1 2013 Justice Kathawala judgement that lead to the rejection of a stay petition. Now that his latest appeal has been dismissed, we must expect that Sholay 3D will keep its appointment with cinema goers on January 3, 2014.