Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sholay Specials: Salim-Javed on Sholay 3D

Post a week of the historic Sholay 3D release, two iconic Hindi film writers teamed up again to be interviewed by Rajeev Masand on CNN-IBN. 

On asked for his feedback after watching Sholay 3D, Javed Akhtar said and I quote here:

I had not seen the film since...almost 20 years. Many things I had actually forgotten, so it was really an experience.One must say, in total objectivity, leave aside the fact that we were involved in the picture - it doesn't look like an old film! 

Salim Khan added:

It is an timeless film. Nothing is outdated in this film. Now, when you look back it is no more a film, it is an experience. It has also got its own wonderful story about how it came into existence. It was a mere idea of 15-20 minutes.  

(To be contd.)

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