Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Die-hard Sholay fan stumbles upon 'ORIGINAL SHOLAY'!!

He has seen it. He has got it on DVD. He is the 'chosen one'.

How many of us have heard of the original version of Sholay where Thakur kills Gabbar?


How many of us have seen it?

Nobody...until my friend Veersen Savant alias Spiral Smoke, presently working in Dubai as a sub-editor bought a DVD of this original version. A native of Kolhapur, this die-hard Sholay fan was astounded to say the least.

Here is his reaction: 
"First I was shocked...I never thought I would find the original of this gem of a film in a heap of "on discount" CD's in a mall...I had no idea it was the uncut version...and while watching the film...I realised there is something new...I thought I may have not noticed these scenes mind was playing games...but when the climax arrived...but the police didn't...then it dawned on me it was the original uncut version..."

My friend Veeru also informs us of other extended scenes, including the one of Gabbar killing Ahmed. I can't wait to see this version, how can you take it so calmly, dear readers....anybody in Dubai who can pilfer it from Veeru?...before he wraps it in a chain and keeps the DVD in an unbreakable safe, and guards it day and night...I can make an offer you can't refuse...anybody...please...

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  1. All fans,
    Please send a request e-mail to Criterion to release SHolay as part of thier collector's edition.....please...........