Sunday, August 2, 2009

‘If I had done Sholay...." Danny Denzongpa speaks...

In a recent interview to Harneet Singh for the Screen Magazine, actor Danny Denzongpa finally answered THE QUESTION that we Sholay fans always wanted to ask. Here's an excerpt from the interview.

Do you regret not doing Gabbar Singh's role in Sholay?

Not at all. It was a decision taken with an open mind. My dates were committed to Feroz Khan for Dharmatma. I made Ferozbhai and Ramesh Sippy sit down together to find a way but the dates were clashing. I gave priority to Feroz Bhai's film since I had committed to him first.

If I had done Sholay we would have missed a fantastic actor in Amjad Khan. Also, I benefitted the most from Sholay's success. Amjad increased his price after the film. I increased my price by ten times.

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  1. Danny ji is one of the best actors of Indian film industry.

    In this age of 1000+ channels on TV, where with remote you give only 2 seconds to one channel and scroll to next, I can say that its only Danny's presence on screen which stops me for changing the channel.

    I don't know whether I am able to communicate, but this is the best realistic tribute I can give to him.

    Fantastic fantastic actor.