Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming Soon: Ramgarh Resort & Spa!

Naach, Basanti, Naach!

Scheduled to open on August 2011,the Ramgarh Resort & Spa will bring Sholay back to life again at Ramnagaram, the now famous location where most of the film was shot. At least that is what a newspaper report by Saritha Rai in The Indian Express says.

Set to be the first resort to be based on a Hindi movie, the Resort & Spa will cover over 6.6 acres of rocky terrain. As Rai informs us - A hostess dressed as Basanti could lead guests in the restaurants Gabbar ka Adda or Thakur ki Haveli. A masseur dressed as Gabbar Singh could give a visitor a soothing massage at the spa, which stands at the spot where a thrilling horse chase was filmed for the movie.

Last heard, the resort owners were searching for a Thakur Baldev Singh look-alike, for the post of the resort manager. Guests would be able to indulge in rappelling, horse-riding and games centred around the movie. 

One hurdle could be the copyright issues, as the Sippy's have always been against the misuse of their brand.

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