Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sholay Moments: Robbers, Widows and Safes

In their first interaction with Thakur, Veeru makes it clear why he and Jai are thieves. In a brash and rough tongue he puts in one single word - "Paisa" ("Money").Yet, the duo has its money principles, there is no hint as to where they get their noble intentions from.What we do know it that Hindi film heroes can go from rogue to good in the matter of seconds.

At their arrival at Ramgarh, the duo has no intention of helping Thakur Baldev Singh. Having received advance payment and provided a generous view of the family safe, it is decided that they while the day away in sleep and clear out the safe at night and escape. Only, Radha catches them in the act and instead of screaming,"Thieves, help!", she is strangely maudlin.The widow does the unthinkable, she hands over the safe's keys and asks them to make away with the money. Her point is - at least that will convince Thakur, her father-in-law that the duo are crooks after all.

Radha must have done some serious criminal psychology reading, or it must have been her semi-transparent white sari that did the trick. For, in an inexplicable Hindi film u-turn, Jai returns the keys to Radha the next morning with the promise that they will not repeat the act again.

Moral of the story: Once a Hindi film hero turns good, nobody can bring them to the bad side. Ever. If a beautiful heroine is responsible for the transformation, Satan can readily apply for retirement.   

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